Aumento Global supplies a wide variety of commodity polymers. All these products are sourced from international Petrochemical Producers and supplied to our customers according to our ISO Standards.


Type of Products Grade Technical Details (MFI/ESCR Or K Value) Applications
LDPE Film 0.3 Shrink, Heavy Duty, Flexible Pipes
Film 2-4 General Purpose Flexible Packaging and Lamination Film
Wire & Cable MFI 2.4 Low Medium Voltage Power Cable Insulation
Coating 7-8 Paper, PP/PE Woven Lamination

HDPE Film 0.05 Shoppers & Refuse Bags
Blow Molding ESCR 15 to 500 Detergent Bottles,Drums, Pipe Extrusion
Injection 4-20 Crates, Kitchenware, Toys
Wire & Cable MFI 0.2 Coloured Jacketing For Telecommunication and Power Cables
Pipe extrusion PE 100 Drinking Water, Sewage and Irrigation Pipes
Raffia/Monofilament 0.9-1.1 Woven sacks, Tarpulin, Fishing net

PP-Homopolymer Raffia 18-4.5 BOPP Film, Woven Sacks & Big Bags Production
Injection 6-55 Kitchenware, Garden Furniture, Toys, Containers
Fiber 25 BCF
Nonwoven 25-35 Nonwoven Production

PP-Copolymer Extrusion 0.3-0.8 Sewage, Profiles, Corrugated and Sheet, Compound and Mastebatch, Automotiv
Extrusion 1.8-3.5 Blown Packaging , Corrugated and Sheet
Injection 7-70 Pails, Caps and Closures, Industrial Food Packaging, Automotiv, Furniture, Housewares, Technical Parts, Boxes, Battery Cases

PP- Random Copolymer PPRC Pipe extrusion ‘0.25 Hot and Cold Water Distribution Pipes
Blow Molding 1 , 8-2 Blow Molding
Injection 12-70 Kitchenware, Storage Containers, Dairy Packaging


Type of Products Grade Technical Details (MFI/ESCR Or K Value)
ENGINEERING PLASTICS PA6 AND PA66 Wide Viscosity And Nucleation range
Glass Fiber Reinforced, Glass Beads or Minerals Filled
Natural, Taylor Made Colour
High Impact Elastomer Modified
Halogen – Based or – Free Flame Retardant